cat lovers

One Of The Best Cat Cafe in Japan With Cat Curry

Attention cat lovers, if you want a full-on experience with anything cat-related, you need to book a flight to Japan. I kid you not, this country’s passion for cats is so intense I don’t think other countries can compete. For reasons like can’t afford a pet, or place too small,…

dead laptop

11 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Without any warning or sign, my laptop just gave up and quit at the beginning of February. Oh what lovely period it was to be absent of laptop for almost a full week, and had to work from my Nexus tablet. I end up reading a lot, and did a…

Tokudaiji shrine at Ueno, Tokyo

Looking For Nice & Cheap Place to Stay In Tokyo? Try Oak Hotel

When we talk about traveling to Tokyo, one must think: Oh God which kidney should I sell? Proudly rated to be one of the most expensive city to live in by CNN Money, Tokyo can definitely cost an arm or a leg for some, but of course, life’s all about…

Korea Air

Save Money On Flights With These Amazing Tools

Many people love to travel but usually don’t have money, time, or both. They’d say they need to accumulate vacation and sick days from work or need to save more money to travel. That was me before, still slaved at office jobs working 9 to 5, it was fucking miserable….

Titusville Skydive

The Ultimate Skydiving Guide for First Timer (My Personal Experience)

When it comes to the most crazy thing I’ve done in life, I believe skydiving is on top of the list. We were so excited to pick and choose locations, imagining the beautiful view as we dive down the air, and finally decided to do it over at Titusville, Florida…