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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Yoga Today

I started yoga few years ago after I walked away from the fashion industry. Due to high stress, my health deteriorated severely to the point I was absence of period for about 10 months. Mild PCOS was tested, and insomnia every night. Hell with this sh*t. Nothing is more important…

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Ultimate Guide On How To Dress For Female Travelers

Lady travelers, I know how much you wish to fit your closet in the luggage…but note that the more you pack, the heavier it gets, and if you are traveling solo, heavy luggage is never fun. I learned from my sweat & tears experience to really grasp that nirvana state…

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Best Guide to Find A Cheap, Safe, and Comfy Place to Stay

Looking for a cheap, safe, and comfy place to stay without breaking the bank is always a priority for travelers. For solo female travelers like me, I learn to be adapt, but safety is definitely more crucial when picking out a place to stay. Throughout my travel journey, I’ve traveled…

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Easy Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Short Las Vegas Trip

If you want to visit Las Vegas, March is the best time to visit. Ever since I got here (early March), the weather has been around 65°~70°F with evening temperature around lower 40s, absolutely pleasant compared to summer time I bet. I took a shot of this beautiful blooming tree…

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Cozy Charming Las Vegas Airbnb – Personal Recommendation

My Las Vegas trip was localized. I lived in a Spanish populated neighborhood where I can hear chickens crowing down the street (yes, here in Vegas), watched niños played with their bikes outside in the warm sun, admire neighbor’s cactus garden, and hiss at the dogs that barked at me….